OlyVIA 3.8

Opens, views and presents digital slideshows
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Access and display virtual images stored and available in the dotSlide system as VSI files. The utility works with 2bit and 64bit operating systems compatible with the VS110 and VS120 equipment. It is integrated with the Net Image Server SQL v2.4 and higher.

OlyVIA is a free of charge image viewer software dedicated to view virtual digital slides acquired by the dotSlide system (.vsi).
Image viewer software (32bit and 64bit version) for the VS110 and VS120 system. This viewer should be used in combination with the Net Image Server SQL v2.4 (Build 9003) to get access to the full functionality of the system and to ensure compatibility. Images stored in the Net Image Server SQL database can be provided for remote viewing in a local area network or via internet. Online conferences can be established between multiple clients, sharing images and annotations.

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